30 12 / 2013

Introducing the New Hopscotch Community

Hurry up and grab your iPad — a new version of Hopscotch has just been released, and there’s a whole bunch of new projects to explore in the Hopscotch Community!  

From the gallery view, click on the button in the top-right corner to explore Featured and Newest projects in the Hopscotch Community.

You can jump right in and start sharing your own projects with other users all around the world.  Upload the projects you’re most proud of or download and remix other users’ projects to put a personal spin on someone else’s great idea.

The Hopscotch Community is already flourishing with amazing coding projects, and this is just the beginning.  Keep uploading your awesome work, and who knows… your project may be featured one day! 

Written by Diana Taykhman

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